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Jan 16th, 2013
eyeSight provides gesture control to Lenovo’s IdeaPad series
eyeSight’s leading gesture recognition technology included in a new range of Lenovo ultrabooks.
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eyeSight Mobile Technologies announced that the company’s intuitive and natural gesture-control capabilities are included in Lenovo’s exciting new range of Ideapad Ultrabooks. The first device to incorporate the technology is the unique IdeaPad Yoga, world’s first multi-mode Ultrabooks, which features a 360-degree hinge that allows users to effortlessly flip their device from a laptop to a tablet, a free-standing ‘tent’ or even ‘stand’ configuration for total versatility.

The Yoga, is the first multi-mode Ultrabook of its kind, and provides a high level of flexibility between work and play. The Yoga is primed with rich audio-visual features including Dolby® Home Theatre, 13.3” high-definition IPS display, gesture control, up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor and a ten-point multi-touch screen. Running up to Windows 8 Pro, the IdeaPad Yoga provides the ideal platform for touch and gesture control.

eyeSight’s gesture recognition technology can be used to interact with several of the Yoga’s core functions, including its media player, photo gallery, Powerpoint and PDF reader, with simple hand movements used to browse documents or skip tracks from a distance of up to 70cm. There’s no complicated set up, and the experience is so simple, intuitive and seamless making it most natural to the user.

We anticipate a future where users will expect to be able to interact with their computer simply using whatever input method is most convenient for them.The Yoga is a bold step towards this future,” said Gideon Shmuel, CEO, eyeSight. “It provides all of the traditional inputs that are optimum for certain activities, such as a touch pad and keyboard, together with a unique screen that can be angled to any situation. And now it features gesture-control, bringing an extra dimension of control from afar, so you can, for example, prop your Yoga on a table and browse movies from your bed or sofa without getting up. This is the kind of versatility people want.”

eyeSight’s wider technology portfolio offers a broad range of features including the ability to recognise simple, low-effort, hand-gestures, highly-accurate hand and fingertip tracking, as well as facial recognition. eyeSight’s technology works well even in low lighting conditions and in areas with busy or moving backgrounds. The technology can be easily integrated across a range of operating systems, including Microsoft’s new Windows 8 interface.

eyeSight’s technology is compatible with a variety of digital devices and is currently available on the market in TVs, mobile phones, ultrabooks, as well as the recently launched world’s first gesture controlled set-top-box.

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