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Sensorex UVT monitor ensures stable and reliable water testing with crystal IS UVC LEDs

Sensorex introduces first family of ultraviolet transmittance monitors using UVC LEDs instead of mercury-based lamps as light source.


Philips intends IPO for lighting division in health care bet

Royal Philips NV’s split with its lighting division will probably involve selling shares in the unit as the Dutch manufacturer shifts focus to health technology.

“It is the current intention to effectuate the separation of the lighting business through an initial public offering,” though other options for the division are still being reviewed, including a private sale, Amsterdam-based Philips said in a statement Tuesday outlining the agenda for its May 7 annual shareholders meeting.


The promising future of LEDs

“The LED market is a complex but promising market,” comments Pars Mukish, Business Unit Manager, LED, OLED and Sapphire at Yole Développement (Yole). In 2015, companies are not relying on more technical breakthroughs, except at the LED module level, where integration remains an important issue.


From innovative AlN substrate to UV LED: how to extract more value from UV lamp replacement?

UV LED has now entered a fast growth. Indeed, the overall UV LED market that represented only ~$20M in 2008 grew to~$90M in 2014 and we are expecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40% for the next 5 years (data extracted from Yole Développement UV LED - Technology, Manufacturing and Application Trends report).This growth is mainly driven by the replacement of UV lamps, but also by emerging applications that are now possible because of the availability of adapted cost and good enough performances of small size long life UV sources.


Epistar licenced ALLOS’ GaN-on-Si epiwafer technology

Epistar licenced GaN-on-Si technology from ALLOS Semiconductors and concluded the first phases of the technology transfer successfully.


Philips plans to spin-off OLED lighting business

Dutch lighting conglomerate Philips has announced plans of spinning off its OLED business, according to a report by OLED-info.



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