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UV LED : From UV lamp replacement to new applications

UV LED applications have entered a strong growth period, with multiple companies that are shifting now from old and expensive UV lamp to compact and energy efficient UV LED. 2014 market reach $90M and we are expecting a total UV LED market to reach $520M by 2019. This growth is explained by two reasons!


Does the US $620M new sapphire-related investment at Lens Technology signals the rebirth of the sapphire industry?

After a 2014 year full of hopes, the sapphire industry entered 2015 with a lots of uncertainties. Following a long period of depressed pricings and stagnating revenue, 2014 started with a welcome price recovery that lifted up the spirit of many industry players. But most of all, it was the prospect of a new killer application that had given reasons for optimism. And now again, Lens Technology is about to invest $620M in sapphire manufacturing: is it a new start of the sapphire industry?


Nanowire LED innovator Aledia completes $31 million series B financing

New Investors Include Automotive-lighting Leader Valeo, IKEA GreenTech, the Venture Capital Arm of IKEA, and Bpifrance, the French National Industrial Bank; Development-and-Supply Contracts Signed with Valeo and IKEA GreenTech Simultaneously with Financing


Materials innovations help LEDs turn on

For LEDs, changes in materials are cutting costs and boosting performance. That’s vital as light-emitting diodes move into new applications and general illumination, where cost is king.


Why is the lithography market for Advanced Packaging and MEMS so attractive?

Lithography is often seen as almost the monopoly of ASML, with $10Ms unit price and incredible optics, mechanics and precision stage in order to reach sub 20nm precision. This is the “More Moore” world.
But in the “More than Moore” world, the Holy Grail isn’t downscaling any more – it’s adding functionality. 


Fujifilm and imec demonstrate full-color OLED with photoresist technology for organic semiconductors

FUJIFILM Corporation (Fujifilm) and nano-electronics research institute, imec, have demonstrated full-color OLED by using their jointly-developed photoresist technology for organic semiconductors, a technology that enables submicron patterning.



> OLEDs World Summit
(September 16 - September 18, Berkeley, USA)

> LpS LED professional Symposium
(September 22 - September 24, Bregenz, Austria)