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Plessey achieves 120 lumens per watt

Plessey announced that its MAGIC GaN-on-silicon technology has successfully achieved light output of 120 Lumens per watt with greater than 50 percent light output efficiency.

Plessey's first engineering samples in the 5630 PLCC2 package are now shipping with other package variants available on demand. Blue die with a wavelength of 455nm are also available and being shipped to lead customers.


UV LED Curing Community announces expansion to 20 member companies

UV LED Curing Community has announced that 20 companies, from around the world, have joined the Community.

These new members include suppliers of materials, resins, photo-initiators, adhesives, inks, coatings, equipment, measurement, and end-systems.


Dutch researchers create temperature-dependent LED coating

Researchers from the Netherlands have found a novel way to ensure the lights of the future not only are energy efficient but also emit a cozy warmth.

"We demonstrated a seemingly simple - but in fact sophisticated - way to create LED lights that change in a natural way to a cozy, warm white colour when dimmed," said Hugo Cornelissen, a principal scientist in the Optics Research Department at Philips Research Eindhoven.


Samsung heats up indoor lighting market with 6W and 8W Chip-on-Board LED packages

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced new chip-on-board (COB) LED package products, the LC006B and LC008B, with six and eight watts of power respectively. The new packages join five others in Samsung’s popular LC series (LC013B, LC019B, LC026B, LC033B and LC040B), to complete its COB package line-up.


Plessey announces high-volume large GaN-on-Si LED die

Plessey has announced the realization of its high-performance, high-quality, and high-volume, large LED die performance based on its leading GaN-on-Silicon technology.

The large die benefits from three core features of the Plessey process; the first being the low thermal resistance of silicon, followed by a single-surface, emitter die design and 6-inch wafer processing.


LayTec in-situ metrology in AIXTRON’s latest AIX R6 HB-LED reactor

On November 6th AIXTRON presented its latest generation of MOCVD reactors for HB-LED manufacturing at the SSL China conference.

The advanced feed-back control capabilities of these reactors are based on two fully integrated LayTec OEM metrology sub-systems (Inside MiniR and Inside TTC) with typically seven metrology heads in total.



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