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GeneSiC released gate driver board and SPICE models for silicon carbide junction transistors(SJT)

Gate Driver Board optimized for high switching speeds and behavior-based models enable power electronic design engineers to verify and quantify benefits of SJTs in board-level evaluation and circuit simulation.


CS International 2015 Conference

The quality of previous programmes has made this event the “must attend” conference for the sector.

Our programme next year is even better having secured further renowned industry professionals to present their findings and knowledge at the 5th CS International Conference in Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th March 2015.


MACOM introduces a GaN on SiC HEMT pulsed power transistor with 650 W peak, 1200-1400 MHz, 300 µs pulse, 10% duty

MACOM introduces the MAGX-001214-650L00 is a gold-metalized matched Gallium Nitride (GaN) on Silicon Carbide (SiC) RF power transistor optimized for pulsed L-Band radar applications. This GaN on SiC HEMT Pulsed Power Transistor offers 650 W Peak at 1200-1400 MHz, 300 µs Pulse, 10% Duty. Using state of the art wafer fabrication processes, these high performance transistors provide high gain, efficiency, bandwidth, and ruggedness over a wide bandwidth for today’s demanding application needs. High breakdown voltages allow for reliable and stable operation under more extreme mismatch load conditions.

Source: http://www.macom.com

Cree power modules revolutionize inverter platform for power-generation systems

All-SiC, 1.2-kV Six-Pack Enables Inverters With 50 Percent Lower Losses and 40 Percent Higher Output Power.


GeneSiC releases 25 mOhm/1700 V silicon carbide transistors

SiC switches offering lowest conduction losses and superior short circuit capability released for High Frequency Power Circuits.


Cree achieves major production milestone with U.S. department of defense

Cree, Inc., a leader in gallium nitride (GaN) RF devices, has achieved a major production milestone with its recent accreditation as a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Category 1A Trusted Foundry for its 100-mm RF GaN facility in Durham, NC.



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