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Skin-based Generators scavenge muscle motion to power wearables

Using human skin as one of its charge-collectors, a new flexible generator converts muscle movements into enough power for small electronics. The postage-stamp-sized device takes advantage of static electricity to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.


Glucolight sensor measures blood sugar level through the skin

One in twelve children are born prematurely in Switzerland. If hypoglycemia develops in these premature babies and persists for over an hour, it can affect brain development. In order to prevent this, the babies' blood sugar levels need to be measured at regular intervals, which, until now, inevitably meant taking blood samples.


New medical device to bring tears to your dry eyes

Serious dry eye can be quite debilitating and current therapies like eye drops and cyclosporine are either difficult to manage or don’t really fix the problem.


Samsung unveils prototype stroke detecting geadset

While brain monitoring using EEG is not a new technique, advancements in technology may allow it to be used for detecting a variety of conditions that are currently hard to diagnose.


Micralyne ramps up with new ownership

Change signals confidence in the industrial MEMS market

Micralyne is pleased to announce that Canadian private equity investor FTC Technologies Inc. has purchased 98 per cent of the corporation, and is on track to acquire the remaining shares. Micralyne is one of the leading independent providers of development and manufacturing services for MEMS and micro fabrication in the life sciences, telecommunications, automotive, energy and aerospace industries.


Dolomite's microfluidics technology helping to advance antibody therapeutics

Dolomite’s droplet generation system is helping AbVitro to identify potential therapeutic targets using its AbPair™ technology.



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