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Organic electronics could lead to cheap, wearable medical sensors

Future fitness trackers could soon add blood-oxygen levels to the list of vital signs measured with new technology developed by engineers at UC Berkeley.


STMicroelectronics, Clonit, and Institute Spallanzani develop accurate Point-of-Care analyzer for early ebola detection

Collaboration among scientific and biotech research centers produces new rapid test to detect Ebola and other viruses in early stages of the disease 

Driven by the ambitious objective to quickly detect the Ebola virus in the blood at a very early stage to minimize further transmission, STMicroelectronics and Clonit, in collaboration with Italy’s National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani, have developed, in a few weeks’ time, a prototype portable analyzer able to identify the presence of the Ebola virus in less than 75 minutes.


A Step toward artificial cells, built from silicon

A microfluidic cell copies some basic functions of life.


ChroMedX commences AUF development with Aline Inc. and Spectrum Labs

ChroMedX Corp., a developer of in vitro diagnostics and point-of-care technologies is pleased to announce the engagement of ALine Inc. as primary contractor for the development of its recently acquired Automated Ultrafiltration (AUF) Cartridge.


Diagnosing ear infections with a new smartphone gadget

One of the most welcome trends in health care is the emergence of consumer gadgets that can help people deal with their medical needs at home, avoiding the agony of doctors’ offices and, even worse, emergency rooms.



CMOS Image Sensors, a game changing technology for X-ray imaging

“CMOS Image Sensors market for x-ray imaging is poised to grow sharply from $25M in 2013 up to $61M in 2019 fueled by new applications”, says Benjamin Roussel, Medtech Team Leader at Yole Développement in its market and technology analysis entitled ‘Solid State Medical Imaging: X-ray and Endoscopy’ (Oct 2014). "CMOS x-ray sensors will gradually replace a-Si Flat Panel Detector and image intensifiers on specific application by offering better resolution, higher speed and lower dose of operation", he adds. Under this report, Yole’s analyst analyses the recent mergers and acquisitions that are reshaping the medical imaging supply chain in depth. He also explains the technology mix evolution between CCD, CMOS, amorphous silicon (a-Si) and new technologies. A recent announcement from Teledyne Dalsa illustrates this evolution. Yole Développement interviewed Mila Heeman, Teledyne Dalsa Senior Marketing Manager, Life Sciences, to find out more about these new technology choices.



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