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Mar 27th, 2014
A $10 Revolution?
Does the release of the $9.97 Philips' SlimStyle LED bulb represent a tipping point for the uptake of solid-state lighting? Compound Semiconductor investigates.
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Earlier this year, Philips unveiled the world's first flat light bulb, called 'SlimStyle'. In an unusual move, designers have flattened the bulb to boost its surface area so individual LEDs can be sufficiently spaced out to remain cool. Crucially, this removes the need for the heatsink found at the base of most bulbs.

The 60W-equivalent soft white lamp boasts similar credentials to Cree's rival bulb, producing 800 lumens using 10.5W, offering 76.2 lumens per Watt with 25,000 hours of life. Admittedly, the 'SlimStyle' bulb doesn't provide the dazzling 93.8 lumens per Watt of its L Prize winning predecessor, but at $9.97, consumers can bask in an efficient and affordable glow....

Flat as a pancake: Using mid-power Luxeon LEDs, SlimStyle uses 10.5W of power to put out some 800 lumens.

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