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Feb 19th, 2014
“Thin film PZT is mainly interesting for integrated passive devices, FeRAM and MEMS applications”, says Yole Développement
Last December, Yole Développement announced its Thin Film PZT for Semiconductor Application Trends & Technology Update report. In this report, the company has focused on thin film PZT applications for semiconductor including FeRAM, integrated passives devices and MEMS sensors & actuators.
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In this report, Yole Développement’s analysts details applications forecasts from 2012 to 2018 (in units, value and wafers) and analyzes new applications including ink jet heads, inertial MEMS, micro-mirrors, micro-fluidics, drones … This report also includes detailed data on key industrial market player’s positioning (device makers, equipment & material suppliers, R&D labs) as well as company updates & strategy.

 “We have decided to make a technology and market report on thin film PZT applications for the several reasons”, explains Claire Troadec, Market & Technology Analyst, Semiconductor Manufacturing, at Yole Développement. “For example, we identified a growing interest for thin film PZT in the industry, due to its very promising piezoelectric properties: EPSON has released its second generation inkjet head based on thin film PZT technology this year, proving the maturity of thin film PZT technology and thus opening the door for new MEMS products”.

According to Yole Développement, thin film PZT is mainly interesting for integrated passive devices, FeRAM and MEMS applications. FeRAMs were the first applications to use thin film PZT in mass production, 30+ years ago. They have been followed by Integrated Passive Devices in the late 90’s. In the late 2000’s, MEMS applications entered this thin film PZT market with Ink Jet heads for Large Format Printers and Panasonic gyros for automotive.

We have based our analysis on our best to date knowledge and on the best to date available information of identified components using thin film PZT today in production”, details Claire. Yole Développement’s analysis has mainly been conducted thanks to phone and face-to-face interviews with key academic and industrial players in the ferroelectric and piezoelectric domains and thanks to our internal knowledge of the semiconductor industry.

As the border between product development, product qualification and real production is not straightforward in this thin film PZT market, Yole Développement has taken a so-called pessimistic approach from 2012 on, counting only the products we know from our analysis are in production today.

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