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Jun 22nd, 2009
2008 TOP 20 MEMS foundries: Micralyne, first foundry in the open market
Micralyne reaches the number one position in open MEMS foundries, after a +22% growth in sales to US$ 28 M in 2008.
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Major changes in 2008
• The “exclusive” MEMS Foundries (not working on the open market) saw a decline in 2008 sales from 2007.
• Micralyne is the #1 open foundry in 2008.
• Major open foundries are now profitable.
• Sanyo and China Ressources Semiconductor ceased foundry activities.
• Jazz Semiconductor is entering the MEMS foundry market with strong growth.
• Dai Nippon Printing's activities have been strongly affected, mainly due to the automotive business downturn.

A profitable period for open foundries
Despite a downturn period for several markets, the major open foundries have increased sales by 7% in 2008 from the year before. Most of them are now profitable. Europe-based Tronics Microsystems announced 10 consecutive profitable quarters at the end of its 2008 fiscal year. The company growth in 2008 was one of the strongest (+34% in US$ from 2007). North-America based foundry IMT returned to profitability in 2008 after weaker results a year before.
Thanks to a 22% increase in the US$, Micralyne is today the number one foundry on the open market. Micralyne has gained market share thanks to significant innovations in Optical Switch components for IT applications, and also microfluidic devices and implantable drug delivery systems for analysis and life science applications.
However, global ranking shows once more STMicroelectonics reaching the first position in all types of foundries, both “exclusive” and open foundries. Exclusive foundries are facing reductions in revenues from -15% to more than -20%. This decrease is mainly due to the decline in inkjet printhead sales in 2008. Sales of mature components are strongly affected and exclusive foundries are directly impacted by weak customer demand from OEM manufacturers.

Financial crisis impacts
The financial crisis is also hitting other players like Sanyo, out of the ranking in 2008 because of a halt to foundry activity by its customer, as well as China Resources Semiconductor (CRS) stopping activity after its major customer Teravicta announced bankruptcy in early 2008. Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) is recording one of the major decreases in sales from 2008 (-30% in US$ from 2007) because of the automotive downturn, one of its major customer applications.
On the other hand, Jazz Semiconductor is entering the TOP 20 MEMS Foundries thanks to Wispry's first shipment of its tunable RF-MEMS platform for mobile phone applications, with 20% growth expected in 2009. Within the global MEMS market, the MEMS foundry market is very fragmented, with players taking advantage of their innovative platforms. Projects are still running despite the financial downturn, such as Silex Microsystems' new 8-inch production line expected towards the end of 2009. However visibility remains low for MEMS foundries in 2009.

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