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Mar 3rd, 2011
40% increase in sales for OAI for 2010
Fueled by lithography equipment for production.
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OAI announces a 40% increase in sales for the year 2010.  The growth was attributed to repeat orders for production equipment from major semiconductor companies as well as exports of MEMS front and backside lithography equipment..  “The loyalty of our customers and the reliability of our equipment   combined, fueled by   increased production needs, resulted in an  increase in our production equipment orders.’ says Charles Turk, President OAI. The equipment  ordered includes flood exposure systems and edge  exposure systems for 300mm wafers. 

OAI’s line of precision lithography systems  have  proven reliability, versatility, while maintaining  high throughput.  The Automated Flood Exposure System has computer controlled windows based graphic user interface,  is Semi S-2 compliant, and has cassette to cassette robotic handling.  The Edge Bead Exposure System for 300mm production has automated FOUP handling and is also Semi S-2 compliant.  All systems are engineered to the customers’ specific requirements.

OAI is a Silicon Valley based manufacturer of advanced precision lithography equipment  for over 35 years offering  a portfolio of field proven products which include front and backside mask aligners both automated for production or manual for R&D, UV Exposure Systems, UV Light Sources,  and Wafer Bonders for Semiconductor,  MEMS and  Nanotechnology.  OAI maintains full sales, service and engineering offices worldwide.



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