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Dec 6th, 2011
7 MW offshore turbine unveiled by Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe (MPSE) is has unveiled its Sea Angel 7MW wind turbine at the EWEA Offshore show.
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Beyond the capacity, little is known about the turbine. However, MPSE has revealed it will have a 165-metre rotor and will use subsidiary-Artemis Intelligent Power's (AIP) continuous variable transmission system (CVT).

The turbine is set to be produced in prototype form next year, with a view to installing a trial version in the UK in 2013.

A key benefit of CVT is that it eliminates the need for a power electronic converter. A cost saving on of 11% could be achieved on a 1.5MW turbine with a medium speed generator.

The 7MW wind turbine from Mitsubishi Power system Europe.

The AIP uses a hydraulic-based CVT system. CVTs are still rare in wind turbines. Alternative versions to Artemis include Voith’s hydraulic WinDrive and VMT's CVT system.


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