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Mar 15th, 2012
AMEC reveals its TSV etching tool for MEMS and 3DIC Integration
AMEC's Primo TSV™ tool is built on the company's proven dielectric Etch platform and extends the company's technology reach into the fast-growing MEMS and 3D integration markets.
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AMEC’s Primo TSV Tool.
AMEC’s Primo TSV Tool.

The tool delivers exceptional on-wafer performance and industry-leading capital productivity.

3D integrated circuits (3D ICs) are built by stacking and connecting semiconductor die vertically so they act as a single device. This allows for increased functionality in a small footprint. Such ICs are commonly used in mobile communications devices and MEMS where small size and greater functionality are critical competitive factors. They're also used in LED and solar applications. Traditionally, the die in 3D ICs were wired together along the edges and often required an interposer layer between the die, all of which leads to increased package size. The TSV approach eliminates the need for edge connections and interposers, enabling the same level of functionality in a much smaller package.

The Primo TSV is equipped to address today's 3D IC challenges. Available in 200-mm and 300-mm versions, the tool features an ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) source. An elegant cluster tool built for very high throughput, the system can be configured with up to three dual station process modules (PMs). Each PM can process two wafers simultaneously, etching holes that are several hundred microns deep through silicon with a vertical profile, or cone-shaped holes with a tapered profile. With an optional pre-heat station and a cover ring to protect the wafer edge and prevent damage, AMEC's TSV etcher offers manufacturers a flexible, durable and highly productive solution for customers' TSV needs.



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