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Jul 19th, 2010
AML launch the all new FAB12 fully automated cassette - cassette aligner wafer bonder
The FAB12 adds automated wafer handling to the unique benefits of the ground breaking AWB in-situ wafer bonding platform (align and bond in a single chamber) using robot systems from Brooks Automation to enable high throughput processing for volume manufacture.
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For MEMS, IC, WLP, 3D integration applications.
The modern in-situ alignment tool maintains its industry leading throughput via simultaneous heating, pumping and alignment in a single bond chamber – no cluster tool required, minimising footprint.

This replaces the old fashioned 2 machine approach AML’s competitors still use.
FAB12 performs all standard wafer bonding processes with 1 micron accuracy, as well as other unique processes such as; in-situ polymer / adhesive UV cure bonding and in-situ chemistry just before bonding contact. Wafer Sizes: 150mm & 200mm (300mm ready)
The now classic ground breaking manual loading AWB machines also continue to dominate the market with recent sales to: Institute of Quantum Electronics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Institute of Microelectronic Technologies, Belgrade, Serbia. Institute of Electron Technology – Warszawa, Poland. Delft University of Technology / DIMES, The Netherlands. Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kanpur India. Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Hydrabad India. US Navy NAVSEA, USA. In addition, probably the first ever sale of a wafer bonder to the emerging Microelectronics sector in Brazil!
Rob Santilli, CEO of AML says “our faith in our in-situ approach is really paying off after all these years and shows that sometimes you have got to just believe in yourself and have patience. We have stuck to our guns through the years, whereas all we have seen around us are companies swaying to whatever fashionable wind may be blowing at the time.

Despite all the hype around these days, to be successful in business is straightforward; work hard, provide a product that people want, support them as much as you can and most importantly be honest with them! Word of mouth and referrals is key in our business – most engineers, although not all, can see through the hype..”



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