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Aug 13th, 2013
AZZURRO announces LED business unit and licensing strategy for LED industry
The company made public today the foundation of its new LED business unit, called “AZZURRO LED Technologies”, dedicating more resources to migrate the LED industry to GaN-on-Si.
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The new business unit’s strategy is to license AZZURRO’s technology and IP to LED companies. The LED industry can achieve huge processing cost reductions, massive yield improvements and reduced  binning cost with AZZURRO’s GaN-on-Si strain-engineering technology. To this end the company has already used its template wafers successfully to migrate customers quickly and very cost-effectively to GaN-on-Si.

And we have also transferred and licensed our template technology successfully”, said Alexander Loesing, co-founder and CMO of AZZURRO and continued: “We decided the best way for AZZURRO to enable the LED market’s move to GaN-on-Si is to give our customers access to our technology and IP.” Licensing and transferring the AZZURRO LED technologies consists of two phases. Starting with the  proven template wafers the customers can assess the potential of GaN-on-Si within a few weeks while being assisted by AZZURRO experts during the process: On top of AZZURRO’s templates the customers are growing their LED structures. Additionally AZZURRO can supply full LED epiwafers from the project start to support the customer’s move to the easier and higher yielding back-end process for GaN-on-Si. Subsequently the customer is enabled to migrate LED growth to GaN-on-Si. Experienced AZZURRO engineers provide intensive training to the customer and help to transfer AZZURRO’s growth technology to the customers’ epitaxy reactors. During this phase the customer is enabled to grow 150 or 200 mm GaN-on-Si LED epiwafers using AZZURRO’s technology and IP. In addition to the direct migration to large wafer diameters within a few months a higher yielding back-end process and fewer bins are achieved. Commenting on the LED industry interest towards GaN-on-Si Alexander Loesing, leader of the newly formed business unit AZZURRO LED Technologies, added: “We see very aggressive movers who understand the tremendous advantages from going straight to 200 mm LED epiwafers which can be fed into standard silicon foundries. This saves those players not only the capital expenditure to upgrade their 2” processing to 200 mm but also moves them right away to a variable cost model. With all the cutthroat price competition going on - that is the path to go now!”

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