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Aug 4th, 2014
New Aerovox Technology addresses capacitor performance in high temperature power electronics applications
UltraTherm technology extends operating temperature range of polypropylene film capacitors.
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Aerovox Corp. has developed a patent-pending technology that increases the stability of polypropylene film capacitors in high temperature applications. The company’s new UltraTherm technology improves dielectric breakdown strength by 20% or more versus traditional designs (≤105°C). Testing of Aerovox capacitors to 155°C using UltraTherm technology has demonstrated minimal capacitance change and robust DC breakdown over a broad temperature range.

Many advanced power electronics applications in the automotive, aviation and other industries operate at high temperature (>105°C). Reasonably priced film capacitors with desirable electrical characteristics have not been available or if used, have a short operating life due to demanding the performance requirements of high temperature applications.

Addition of UltraTherm technology to polypropylene capacitors operating at high temperature will provide significant technical and economic benefits.” said Jim Faughnan, President & CEO. “Aerovox has employed a unique engineering dielectric design approach to address performance failures that, to date, have been costly and complex to solve.”

Addition of UltraTherm will increase the usable operating life of polypropylene capacitors in high temperature applications, potentially replacing problematic ceramic and tantalum capacitors.

In addition to the automotive and aviation industries, performance of many DC link applications and DC applications with high RMS current will benefit from the technology.

For more information about UltraTherm technology, please contact us at 508-994-9661 or email ultratherm@aerovox.com.

About Aerovox Corp.
Aerovox is a leading provider of film capacitors for industrial, medical and specialized applications serving original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and distributors. The company has world-class design, manufacturing and testing facilities in New Bedford, Massachusetts and global manufacturing facilities in China and India to enable quick turn-around for shipping and delivery worldwide. Aerovox capacitors are among the world’s most reliable electronic components. The company’s extensive custom design and development capabilities coupled with its broad, standardized product offerings allow it to provide intelligent capacitor solutions that meet or exceed customers’ application requirements.



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