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Aug 20th, 2012
Albeo advances LED fixture patent strategy with “Chip-in-Fixture” innovation
With the recent granting of four new patents, Albeo Technologies advances its strategy of LED fixture innovation.
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The new patents protect fundamental innovations in LED chip integration, fixture construction and electronic architecture that significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The company’s most recent patent is for a “chip-in-fixture” (CIF) LED lighting platform, titled LED chip-based lighting products and methods of building(US Patent 8,058,659).  This innovation covers the integration of unpackaged light-emitting diode chips directly on the inside surface of the external shell of the fixture,to substantially reduce the raw material cost of LED fixtures and dramatically improve performance.  The CIF design minimizes thermal resistance by eliminating printed circuit boards, heat sinks, and the actual LED package.  With this foundational patent, Albeo Technologies has developed working prototypes for next generation commercial and industrial LED fixtures.   The company expects to begin marketing these fixtures in 2013.

“The chip-in-fixture patent is a fundamental change in the state-of-the-art at the fixture level,” said Albeo Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Bisberg“By removing many of the materials and layers currently used in LED fixtures, we are able to both reduce costs and improve efficiency.  In the very near future, we anticipate this type of fixture design will allow LED fixtures to surpass fluorescent lighting in value, performance and even upfront cost.”

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