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Jul 29th, 2013
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor broadens its 600V AlphaIGBT portfolio with higher power 20A to 60A solutions
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited, a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of power semiconductors, announced the release of 7 new products in its 600V AlphaIGBT™ portfolio with high efficiency Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) solutions ranging from 20A to 60A in a TO247 package.
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These new products are suitable for a wide variety of applications including domestic white goods (air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines), commercial HVAC systems, photovoltaic inverters, as well as industrial equipment (welding machines and uninterruptible power supplies).

Built with the patent pending AlphaIGBT technology, these IGBTs offer an excellent combination of low VCE(SAT) and EOFF to deliver high efficiency during both the on-state and turn-off stages. These devices also offer twice the short-circuit withstand time (SCWT) rating than the leading competitor with comparable VCE(SAT), which helps protect the circuit during fault conditions such as locked rotor or inverter short-circuit. AlphaIGBT solutions offer a very low Qgc/Qge ratio that reduces induced gate voltage spikes in response to dV/dt transients. When it comes to paralleling, these IGBTs have a positive temperature coefficient of VCE(SAT), allowing current to be naturally shared in balance during high temperature operation. Furthermore, the co-packaged diode in each of these devices delivers smooth soft reverse recovery characteristics.

Discrete IGBTs are increasingly used in a variety of medium and high power applications such as motor drives, welding machines, UPS systems, and solar inverters.” said Stephen Chang, Director of Product Marketing at AOS. “Our latest AlphaIGBTs deliver an optimal trade-off between conduction and switching performance to minimize power losses without compromising short-circuit performance.”



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