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Oct 29th, 2013
AlsoEnergy acquires DECK Monitoring
AlsoEnergy Inc., a Boulder, CO based renewable energy monitoring and portfolio-management company, and DECK Monitoring LLC, a Portland, OR based direct-to-customer PV (photovoltaic) monitoring firm, announced the creation of the preferred independent PV monitoring provider in the U.S. market.
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PV monitoring is key for further PV market development.
PV monitoring is key for further PV market development.
  • AlsoEnergy and DECK Monitoring Form the Preferred Provider of Independent PV Monitoring Systems in the U.S.

AlsoEnergy acquired DECK Monitoring in a definitive agreement between the two privately held companies. The terms of the agreement have not been released. AlsoEnergy CEO Robert Schaefer leads the combined company. DECK Monitoring will continue to do business as an independent subsidiary of AlsoEnergy. The DECK Monitoring management team led by president Cosmos Corbin will continue to run the DECK Monitoring organization. The combined company now manages over one Gigawatt of PV and two Gigawatts of power quality equipment.

We brought the companies together from a position of strength to provide customers the winning combination of products, services and experience,” said AlsoEnergy CEO Robert Schaefer. “We are combining complimentary and market leading solutions in analytics and superior support. This combination immediately broadens customer choices from a financially strong provider, poised to continue innovating best-in-class energy monitoring solutions.

Our team has a strong commitment to both product lines. Customers can expect the same teams, the same products, the same service, and the same dedication to our customers moving forward,” said DECK Monitoring president Cosmos Corbin. “Our focus will continue to be providing the best value and service in the energy monitoring industry.”

Our collective long term mission is to strengthen both product lines, ultimately incorporating the best aspects of each product into both,” commented AlsoEnergy CTO Holden Caine. “We have the opportunity now to further mature the components of our solution and bring a larger engineering group together to enhance value in each of these areas. We will continue to provide best-in-class data acquisition and control hardware customized to fit the needs of all of our customers.

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