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Aug 5th, 2013
Amkor’s chip-on-chip face-to-face alternative to 3D packaging
At the recent IEEE ECTC conference in Las Vega Amkor described their development of chip-on-chip face to face Technology as a low lost alternative to 3D packaging. IMicronews thought it was worth …A Closer Look.
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Simplified Schematic of the CoC Process Flow.
Simplified Schematic of the CoC Process Flow.

Chip-on-Chip (CoC) is a packaging technology designed to assemble two or more die together, face to face, without the necessary use of TSVs. CoC technology was first commercialized by Sony in their Playstations in 2007. Compared to older technology, CoC technology allows two or more dice to communicate more efficiently at faster speed, lower capacitance, and lower electrical resistance due to shorter path lengths. Chip-on-chip technology can be considered an alternative to the TSV approach when only bonding two chips.

The process flow of CoC is relatively simple. The Amkor version of chip-on-chip assembly employs both fine pitch Cu pillar and flip chip solder joints. The mother die is normally larger than the daughter, and the bumping profile for the mother is normally shorter than that for the daughter. The mother and daughter die are aligned face to face. The daughter die is then flip-chip attached to the mother die, completing the CoC assembly.

Amkor has been developing several versions of CoC technology, such as CoC POSSUM™, CoC + WB and CoC–WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package). Each of these CoC technologies has its own distinct advantages.

Amkor lists the following as potential applications:

Chip-on-chip market opportunities.

The Amkor Possum technology is shown for a memory (die 2) on logic (die 1) configuration below.

Chip-on-chip Possum.

Chip-on-chip assembly can be done chip on chip in a jig or chip-on-wafer as shown below.

Chip-on-chip Process Usig a Carrier Jig.

Chip-on-wafer Process.                       

Amkor states that these technologies are planned for deployment into mass production.



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