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Feb 1st, 2013
Arizona’s Solar Bankers and Dresden affiliate Apollon have developed cost-efficient outperforming solar module
The Arizona-based Solar Bankers LLC and its Dresden-based affiliate Apollon GmbH & Co. KG have commonly developed a game-changing module technology that will impact the entire solar industry.
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  • Holographic optic as a new approach to increase the silicon module efficiency

A prototype of the high-efficiency concentrated solar module composed of a silicon cell and a holographic foil is now finished. The new innovative module has already been patented in the US. It is ready to be produced at values defying market prices while generating twice as more energy as regular solar modules. Thanks to its patented technology, production costs for this solar module are even significantly lower as other manufacturers including Chinese ones. Reaching parity with fossil fuel energy prices is now reality.

In association with its affiliate Apollon and German engineers, Solar Bankers has developed solar modules, whose economic viability and efficiency exceeds those of existing technologies. The panels are produced using proven quality technology, enabling a high-quality module production at extremely low prices. “With the patent, the production costs of our solar modules are clearly under those of Chinese manufacturers even if we decide to build the modules in Germany or the USA,” explains Alfred Jost, President of Solar Bankers. For several years, Jost was in charge of Product Development and Structured Financing at J.P. Morgan before re-orienting himself towards the acquisition and debt restructuring of companies in financial distress, which led him to work in the field of renewable energy.

The new technology is at the same time simple, efficient and cost-effective: Through light selection, deflection and concentration it is possible to convert up to 28 % of the sunlight into electricity.

The new high-efficiency module is a consequence of advanced Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic module development. Contrary to PV modules, this system only needs a fraction of the semiconductor material while the performance per square meter of the module surface is almost twice as high as conventional PV. The module is based on a holographic optic, which is a strong contrast to other concentrator photovoltaic modules using expensive flat lenses (e.g. Fresnel lenses).

The objective is to put in place a 300 MW production capacity in the USA or in Germany and create 500 jobs by doing so.


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