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Mar 19th, 2012
Aucksun Opto orders five AIXTRON reactors for HB LED production
AIXTRON SE announced a new MOCVD system order from Huaian Aucksun Optoelectronics Technology Ltd., China.
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New customer, Aucksun Opto has placed a contract for five AIXTRON multiwafer MOCVD systems which will be dedicated to the growth of materials for high brightness (HB) LEDs.

The order for two AIX 2600G3 IC reactors, both in a 49x2-inch wafer configuration, and three AIX2800G4 reactors, each in a 60x2-inch wafer configuration, was placed in the first quarter of 2012 and delivery will take place in the second quarter of 2012. One of AIXTRON´s local support teams will install and commission the new reactors in the company’s state of the art cleanrooms in Huaian, China.
Mr. Kai Chen, General Manager of Aucksun, Dr. Bastian Marheineke, VP Sales at AIXTRON, at the signature ceremony
Mr. Kai Chen, General Manager of Aucksun Opto, comments, “We are familiar with the very high quality of service and equipment we can expect to receive from AIXTRON, and their MOCVD systems will provide the perfect solution for the development and production of wafer materials for HB LEDs. This is an exciting new venture for us and knowing that we have a world leader like AIXTRON at our side is very reassuring."

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