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Feb 15th, 2011
Axsun Technologies unveils data acquisition board for Optical Coherence Tomography systems
Axsun Technologies, producer of MEMS-based lasers and optical engines for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging systems, has launched an ultra speed 12-b resolution Data Acquisition board called the AXSUN DAQ for its swept laser OCT Engine products
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The AXSUN DAQ board features a 12-b resolution 500 MSPs front end that can be configured witha base Camera Link (CL) interface and an internal trigger or an external k-trigger to send OCT spectral data to end users’ image processing electronics. The Axsun CL-DAQ card is developed for seamless integration with commercial CL Frame Grabbers and offer a direct Swept Source upgrade pathway to camera-featured OCT systems.

The AXSUN DAQ board is accommodated in a small housing of 114x177x13 mm. The USB interface and single DC power supply enable the end user to collect information within minutes. The board features a configurable bandwidth of 200 MHz and supports a broad range of laser sweep rates. It is used in a wide range of OCT applications such as industrial imaging, research and development, ophthalmology, pulmonary, cancer diagnosis and gastrointestinal imaging.


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