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Jul 6th, 2010
BFi OPTiLAS launches new High Voltage Amplifiers for Piezo and MEMS devices
BFi OPTiLAS, Pan-European partner of Trek, is launching a full new range of amplifiers to drive piezo, electro-optics, MEMS and other devices.
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This is a very important addition to the well known existing piezo drivers such as the PZD series, 601C, and 603.

The 3 new amplifiers 2220, 2210, and 2205 are the first in a series of 6. This series is being developed to address the need for lower cost amplifiers to be used not only in research but also commercial applications.

Available 40 Watts amplifiers deliver Output Voltages ranging from +/- 500 V to +/- 2000 V, peak output current up to +/- 80 mA and bandwidth up to 75 kHz. They are all CE Marked, RoHS compliant and HALT tested.


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