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Feb 22nd, 2012
CEA-Leti demos optical modulator in silicon with 40Gbit/s capabilities
CEA-Leti unveiled a 40Gbit/s optical modulator in silicon with a record extinction ratio of 10dB, developed by the HELIOS Project members.
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An ultra-high-speed 325µm2 optical modulator enhanced via slow light propagation has been demonstrated. Slow light propagation is when light travels significantly slower in a modulator than it does through air or in a vacuum. Slow light propagation in a nanostructured 1D periodic waveguide, together with a high-speed semiconductor pn diode, demonstrated a highly efficient 500µm-long silicon electro-optical modulator device with modulation rate capabilities of 40Gbit/s.

Using a dual-drive modulation scheme would enable integration of the developed optical modulator with electronic BiCMOS logic circuitry.

The device, built in a CMOS-compatible process by the CEA-Leti, is the result of a collaboration between the Valencia Nanophotonics Technology Center at Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain) and the Silicon Photonics Group at the Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey (UK).

To read more, please go to: http://www.electroiq.com


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