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Aug 9th, 2014
CEO interview: Tronics' Langlois makes moves in MEMS
Pascal Langlois has been CEO at Tronics for nine months. He discusses plans for the company and directions for the complex and diverse MEMS technology sector.
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Tronics Microsystems SA (Grenoble, France) was formed in 1997 as a spin out from the French government owned CEA-Leti research laboratories to commercialize customer-specific MEMS manufacturing technology.

In September 2013, the company appointed semiconductor veteran Pascal Langlois as CEO and there are signs that Langlois now plans to move things along; introducing new technologies, pushing into new application sectors and taking the company to an initial public offering (IPO) of shares.

Langlois had previously been chief sales and marketing at ST-Ericsson, the ill-fated mobile processor joint venture. Before that Langlois had served NXP Semiconductors as sales and marketing senior vice president. Before that he had come to Philips Semiconductors along with its acquisition of VLSI Technology Inc. in 1999.

But with a history in traditional CMOS integrated circuits Langlois has had to adapt. A MEMS foundry is not the same as a conventional CMOS logic foundry. It is much smaller in terms of wafer throughput – because MEMS elements themselves are so small – and much more diverse. Each product can require a unique twist on a more generic MEMS manufacturing process and the work Tronics does often extends into custom packaging and IP creation alongside its customers, which are more like partners. It even sees Tronics making some products under its own name, something that is frowned upon in the CMOS domain because of issues of competing with customers.

"We are doing a few things under our own name. High performance…”…

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