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Nov 16th, 2011
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging a Carl Zeiss NTS to combine units to focus on Microscopy
Changes in users’ needs and the market as well as technological innovations led Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH and Carl Zeiss NTS to combine, forming a new division called Carl Zeiss Microscopy.
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Dr. Ulrich Simon, president and CEO of Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, discussed the new direction at an off-site press event during the Society for Neuroscience conference. The resulting entity will be a 600-million-euro company with 2500 employees in Germany, the UK and Massachusetts. Its technology will combine light-based and charged-particle microscopy, covering macro to nano resolution for a variety of applications under two divisions: biosciences and materials.

A particular emphasis will be correlative microscopy. “We’re training our customers to combine methods,” Simon said, adding that input from users has always sparked new developments. “When we deliver a system, we know more about it than the user. One month later, they know more than we do. We’re in ‘observe and learn’ mode as much as we’re in ‘teach and show.’ ”

Carl Zeiss officials also discussed new product releases at the event, including a new expansion of their ZEN software, which now can streamline research and training by controlling all light microscopy systems; the Axio Zoom.V16 microscope, combining low magnification and wide field of view with high numerical aperture; and the AxioVert.A1 inverted routine microscope, which offers Hoffman modulation contrast, differential interference contrast, PlasDIC and fluorescence capabilities. The range of technologies was developed in response to customer input.

“We try to follow the question, to figure out what the customer needs,” Simon said.

The Carl Zeiss Group, headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, has approximately 24,000 employees globally and annual revenues of around 2.98 billion euros. Its technological focus spans a range of industries from semiconductors to medical systems, microscopy to metrology, and consumer optronics to eyeglass lenses.


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