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Jan 1st, 2012
Carl Zeiss reports increased revenue, earnings
Carl Zeiss posted significant increases in revenue and earnings for the fiscal year 2010-11 ending Sept. 30, 2011 over the prior year.
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The company reported that revenue topped the €4 billion (about $5.2 billion) mark for the first time, with revenue of €4.237 billion versus €2.981 billion in the previous year.

Earnings totaled €607 million versus €423 million the prior year. Carl Zeiss attributed the growth to favorable economic trends at the beginning of the past fiscal year, sustained by strong growth in revenue, particularly in Asia and America. Business sectors that grew included industrial metrology, semiconductor manufacturing technology and medical technology. Carl Zeiss Vision, which was fully consolidated in the 2010-11 fiscal year, generated revenue of €849 million during that period, a slight reduction over the prior fiscal year’s revenue of €881 million, the company said.

Carl Zeiss does not expect the growth generated for this fiscal year to continue at the same pace into the 2011-12 fiscal year. The company anticipates a slight reduction in revenue due to lack of economic momentum and uncertainty in the global economy, triggered partly by national debt and dampening optimism, said Michael Kaschke, president and CEO of Carl Zeiss.

Nevertheless, Carl Zeiss said that it looks to the future with confidence and is focusing on the Asian and Latin American markets, which have continued to grow significantly and to develop over the mid and long term.

For more information, visit: www.zeiss.de


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