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Oct 21st, 2013
China’s National Center for Advanced Packaging (NCAP)
Dr. Dongkai Shangguan recently discussed his new venture in China. i-Micronews thought it was worth … A Closer Look
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The National Center for Advanced Packaging (NCAP), started up in  Wuxi, China in 2012. It is a joint venture established by five investors, including the leaders of the IC packaging and testing industry in China (Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology, Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics, Huatian Technology, and Shennan Circuit Company), and the Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

NCAP’s goal is to establish a world class R&D center for advanced packaging and system integration, play a leading role in the development and commercialization of advanced technologies for microelectronics packaging and system integration, and promote and sustain the technological and commercial advancement of the microelectronics industry in China. As a national center for advanced packaging, testing and system integration, NCAP, in collaboration with system OEM’s and supply chain partners, jointly pursue R&D opportunities.

NCAP’s current research directions include: 2.5D/3D technology (including TSV), high density wafer level packaging, SiP product development capabilities, and certain advanced materials and equipment technologies for microelectronics packaging.

The Wuxi headquarters includes 2000 sq meters of 10/100/1000 and 10,000 cleanroom, equipped with facilities, for 200 and 300mm wafers, for 2.5D/3D IC backend processes, and packaging assembly, testing and reliability, as well as design and simulation capabilities. Th e Beijing Center contains 1000 sq meters of class 1000 and 10,000 cleanroom space.

NCAP’s Wuxi and Beijing facilities

Work at the NCAP is guided by the IC industry in China. In the next few years, NCAP will reportedly focus on building a world class platform for R&D, commercialization, international technical exchange, and mentoring and training of talents for the IC industry and the supply chain. Through this platform, NCAP will develop advanced technologies and commercialize such technologies through the transfer of total solutions to the industry.
CEO of NCAP China, Dr. Dongkai Shangguan is an  IEEE Fellow. He recently won the 2013 Outstanding Sustained Technical Contribution Award by IEEE CPMT, for “…20 years of technical leadership, especially in the areas of lead-free and environmentally conscious electronics and advanced microelectronics packaging and assembly technologies for product miniaturization and functional densification.”
Services currently available at NCAP include:
Design and Simulation
– electrical simulation, thermal management thermo mechanical design simulation

- reliability test and failure analysis
- thermal testing
- electrical test

Advanced Packaging
- SiP packaging
-  advanced sensor packaging
-  high speed and high density packaging
- CMOS image sensor packaging
- 3D packaging
- substrates – high density, coreless, glass

Current NCAP equipment include the following :

Equipment available at the NCAP

i-Micronews will be keeping an eye on activities at the NCAP.



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