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May 2nd, 2012
Cisco wants 2.5D/3D chips sooner than later
Amid the industry’s insatiable thirst for more bandwidth, Cisco Systems Inc. said that it wants 2.5D/3D stacked devices sooner than later and is getting “impatient” regarding the overall progress of the technology.
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Only a smattering of 2.5D/3D chips have been announced and shipped in the market today. Despite the hype for the technology in recent years, most experts believe that 2.5D/3D chips will not ship in volumes until 2014 or so.
Mark Brillhart, vice president of technology and quality at Cisco, said the networking giant is bullish about the advent of 2.5D/3D devices. “I think (2.5D/3D) is going to be a big game changer,” Brillhart said during a panel discussion at the first GSA Silicon Summit in Mountain View, Calif. on Thursday (April 26). “I think packaging will be a huge differentiator. I see it proliferating in the product space.”
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