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Mar 29th, 2012
Conversion in Assembly, a power electronics market briefing organized by Yole Développement
Yole Développement is organizing a Market Briefing at PCIM Europe 2012. This event will take place on May 10, 2012, at booth #670.
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Renewable energy, electric transportation, CO2 reduction: power electronics is in the spotlight.
Greater efficiency is the new macroscopic trend directly impacting market growth. Demand is growing. Requirements are getting more and more specific. These changes are impacting the inverter industry: it is not only the market which is growing, but also demand for more integration as well as modularity. The supply-chain has to follow, and we are beginning to see its evolution.
This market briefing will provide a market analysis as well as the supply-chain and technical evolutions envisioned: Yole Développement has performed a cross-analysis, between the main power electronics applications, and will present some of the results, followed by a presentation of players at different levels of the supply-chain. This market briefing will wrap up with a panel discussion bringing various points of view and comparing the visions. Program will be available soon.

Come and attend our Market Briefing to discover the overview of the Power Electronics industry. During this event, Yole Développement and its invited speakers will show their vision of the market and their expertise.

For more information, please contact S. Leroy (leroy@yole.fr).



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