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Jan 8th, 2013
Development of TSV technology in China: a closer look
At the recent RTI 3D ASIP (Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging) conference in Redwood City Prof. Daquan Yu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences-Institute of Microelectronics gave a presentation on “The Development of TSV Technology in China”. iMicronews thought it deserved A Closer Look.
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In 2011 a China TSV Consortium was initiated with focus on the development of Interposers. In the fall of 2012 the National Center for Advanced Packaging was initiated. More than 10 Universities and Institutes are currently working on TSV related programs. 

Members of the TSV consortium include foundries, packaging houses, material suppliers and institutes.

The first project of the TSV consortium is the development of interposer integration technology including: (1)electrical, thermal, mechanical and reliability design guideline and simulation;(2) TSV interposer fabrication technology; (3) Assembly and reliability of TSV interposer with thin chip and substrate; (4) System testing method.
CMOS image sensor manufacturing was initiated in 2009 and China is now a leader in CIS production in the world.

TSV manufacturing equipment such as  TSV etcher (AMEC Primo), PVD (Northern Microelectronics Polaris for high AR seed dep) and cleaning chambers ( ACM megasonic technology) have been developed by mainland Chinese companies and are ready or will be ready soon while some tools such as ECD are not ready yet and CMP, bond and debond are not available.

There are several local companies working on plating, cleaning, metal etching chemicals and CMP slurries . Xinyang has updated their TSV filling chemicals to the 3rd generation and  Anji has developed  slurries for via middle TSV manufacturing.

Xpeedic Technology was founded in 2010 to provide high performance EDA software and electronic design engineering services.



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