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Feb 26th, 2011
DiCon’s new MEMS Tunable Filter array adds colorless functionality to ROADM networks
Richmond, CA - DiCon Fiberoptics' new 4-channel MEMS Tunable Filter Array expands colorless functionality in ROADM networks.
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Fitted with four of DiCon's well-recognized MEMS Tunable Filters, the Filter Array multiplies wavelength selection. The Filter Array arrives as part of DiCon's inauguration of a new colorless/directionless ROADM product family aimed at optimizing metro and regional optical networks.

The Filter Array's novel design enables network architects to readily add colorless functionality. The array form reduces size and exploits electronics sharing for more versatility and less power consumption. While the stock model comes in four channels, the Filter Array may be scaled to any number of channels to suit a particular architecture. The use of DiCon MEMS Tunable Filters ensures the Filter Array's superior optical performance and reliability.

DiCon's MEMS Tunable Filter, which has been in high-volume production for over three years, is the key to the Filter Array's colorless functionality. After a multi-wavelength signal passes through a Tunable Filter, a DiCon MEMS mirror tilts precisely to tune a single wavelength channel to the output fiber. The MEMS mirror features a Gaussian-shaped pass-band optimized for 50 or 100 GHz channel spacing, a +/- 50pm wavelength setting accuracy within the C or L Bands, and a tuning speed of less than 30ms. Manufactured under DiCon's proprietary specifications, the Tunable Filters demonstrate excellent durability, thermal stability, and repeatability.

"We have been developing and producing MEMS based technologies for over a decade," explained Robert Schleicher, the Vice President of Product Development. "The durability of the Tunable Filters make them ideal for colorless functionality in ROADM network designs."

About DiCon

DiCon Fiberoptics is an established leader in the optical communications industry, specializing in high quality optical components, integrated modules, and test equipment. Founded in 1986, DiCon has built a broad portfolio of cutting-edge products that filter, split, attenuate, switch, combine, and monitor light. An innovator of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), thin-film optical coatings, micro-optic design, and advanced packaging, DiCon's products are used in a broad range of applications including defense, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and biomedical industries.


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