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Nov 28th, 2013
Dow Corning’s adhesive to be used in Tianwei’s MWT back-contact modules
Dow Corning and Tianwei New Energy Holdings Company jointly announced a new collaboration.
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The MWT modules using Dow Corning PV-5802 adhesive had very low cell-to-module power loss, less than 0.4%, and the full area module efficiencies reached 16.8 %.

Dow Corning’s silicone-based, next-generation conductive adhesive Dow Corning® PV-5802 will be used in Tianwei New Energy’s Metal Wrap Through (MWT) module production line – an industrial scale, highly automated production solution developed by ECN (Energy Research Center of the Netherlands). PV-5802 provides excellent electrical properties and stability, which will greatly enhance the electrical performance, reliability and durability of Tianwei New Energy’s MWT module. This cooperation and technological breakthrough demonstrates both companies’ continued commitment to solar photovoltaic innovation and technology applications.

A cutting-edge solution for crystalline silicon cells and modules, MWT technology effectively improves module conversion efficiency without significantly increasing the base cost, which has been a major focus for the industry and the R&D efforts of mainstream manufacturers. Tianwei New Energy’s product features a new cell interconnection solution using a conductive backsheet and conductive adhesives, which greatly reduce power loss and increase production yield. Its fully automated functionality also significantly reduces labor costs and quality risks

Dow Corning PV-5802 conductive adhesive demonstrated excellent conductivity and production yield in tests on Tianwei’s MWT production line. The MWT modules using Dow Corning PV-5802 had very low cell-to-module power loss, less than 0.4%. The full area module efficiencies reached 16.8 %, an outstanding value for multi-crystalline Silicon modules. In accelerated aging tests, the modules showed very low degradation: 0% loss after 300 thermal cycles (between – 40 °C and 85 °C), and 0.2% loss after 1500 hours in damp heat conditions (85 °C, 85 % relative humidity).

Dow Corning’s conductive adhesives can also be used with other PV back contact module manufacturing applications, such as IBC and similar high efficiency technologies. The material has a long working time and is highly recyclable, helping customers reduce material waste in module production.

A set of MWT modules using Dow Corning PV-5802 has been tested by TUV Nord for qualification according to the standards IEC/EN 61215, IEC/EN 61730-1 and IEC/EN 61730-2.  All tests were passed successfully, and as a result certification was granted.

Dow Corning and Tianwei New Energy are fully committed to supporting the continued development of China’s solar energy industry. As one of the few providers of silicone-based solar solutions in the world, Dow Corning continues to develop and improve its solar energy solutions portfolio to meet the needs of the global solar cell, module and installation sectors.

Tianwei New Energy is a highly vertically integrated silicon, wafer, cell, module and photovoltaic systems supplier. It is the only company in China that produces solar products across the value chain from raw silicon materials up to completed solar systems. The company introduced the 150 MWp MWT module production line in early 2012. After one year of trial operation, the company has now successfully implemented worldwide deployment, and produced bulk exports for the Australian market. Now, Tianwei New Energy plans to supply customers worldwide with low-cost, high-efficiency MWT photovoltaic products.


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