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Jan 5th, 2012
EPISTAR LAB announced worldwide record 216 lm/W warm white with high voltage LED chipset
EPISTAR LAB announces its highest efficacy with warm white high voltage chipset.
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With its outstanding efficacy, higher CRI, and competitive lm/$, the solution of direct red platform is widely used in warm white application. Recently, EPISTAR LAB has successfully achieved the warm white efficacy of 216 lm/W at an operating current of 5 mA and CRI of 87 Ra at CCT of 2700K. Under a typical driving current of 15mA (or about 1 W operation equivalent), the luminous efficacy of 197 lm/W was achieved.
EPISTAR LAB’s new record announced today adopts several technologies in high voltage chips, such as the novel substrate transfer process, lower MQW light absorption, fine structure for increasing the photon extraction efficiency, improvement on the current spreading uniformity, and improved MQW structure with excellent IQE and lower forward voltage. The superior performance warm white HV chipset is suitable for retrofit, professional lighting, and luminaires applications. EPISTAR will continue developing more advanced technologies to enhance product performances and work closely with our downstream customers to provide better LED lighting solutions to the market.

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