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Mar 24th, 2011
Eastman Kodak opens Asia-Pacific Solutions centre in Singapore
Eastman Kodak announced Tuesday the opening of its Asia-Pacific Solutions centre in Singapore that will add more than 100 professionals to its R&D and business operations in Singapore over the next five years.
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Kodak did not give the exact investment figure but it hinted that it will be less than S$100 million.

Used in inkjet printers, the technology known as MEMS - or microfluidics in micro-electromechanical systems - allows microscopic ink shoots that are undetectable to eye to be precisely printed on paper.

Eastman Kodak hopes to make the technology the focus of its R&D as it looks to expand its business operations here.

"The capabilities here are so good that it is now important for us as a company or for any company to embrace these capabilities and really utilize them as part of our toolkit if you will or business value proposition," said Mr Philip Faraci, president and CEO of Eastman Kodak.


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