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Mar 22nd, 2013
Efficacy steps turn OLED lighting on
Astron-Fiamm, Ledon, Novaled, OSRAM and Philips Lumiblade tell Andy Extance and iLED their plans for commercializing OLEDs in the lighting market.
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Non-existent until 2007, today OLED lighting is a young and growing industry - but still too young for signifi cant sales volumes. Before entering the sector, the innovative new companies and powerful old ones populating it must have all asked: how can we commercialize this technology? With their rewards dependent on the answer, the companies’ choice of strategy is critical for their future.

Though only founded in 2009, Dresden, Germany’s Ledon OLED Lighting is a joint venture between industrially-experienced Zumtobel and OLED pioneering Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems. Established to supply lighting modules to luminaire and fi xture producers alongside fellow Zumtobel group member Tridonic’s drivers, Ledon does not have its own organic material deposition facilities. Instead, it can select the best OLED panels, explained Jörg Amelung, Ledon’s general manager. But initially basic OLED technology had to improve for that approach to become viable. “Until the last year there were performance issues that made it impossible to use OLEDs commercially,” he said.


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