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Jul 17th, 2014
EpiWorld released 6" 4H SiC Epitaxial wafers
EpiWorld is pleased to announce it has reached another significant milestone in the company growth history by successfully adding 6" n-type 4H SiC Epitaxial wafers to its SiC products list, becoming the first company in China to release 6” SiC epitaxial wafer products.
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The first commercial order of 6” n-type 4H SiC Epi-wafers has been completed and delivered to an international customer on April 28, 2014.  
EpiWorld International Co., Ltd. was founded in Xiamen, China in 2011.  In March 2012, it  became the first commercial SiC epi-wafer supplier in China and received the first order of 3" and 4" 4H-SiC epitaxial wafers.  It is pleased to be the first company in China providing 6” 4H-SiC epitaxial wafers with quality on a par with the few leading suppliers of 6” epitaxial wafers in the world.  

SiC is the third generation semiconductor widely regarded as the leading candidate to replace Si, especially for high voltage and high current power electronic applications for numerous industrial sectors such as solar and wind energy harvesting, hybrid and electric vehicles, high speed trains, smart grids and power transmission, industrial motor control and energy efficient home appliances.  SiC-based semiconductor devices can reduce energy losses by up to 75% while reducing power system size and weight simultaneously by up to 75%, leading to overall reduced system costs and enhanced reliability. 

To place an order or for further information, please contact us at shiba@epiworld.com.cn.


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