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May 10th, 2012
Focus on Qualcomm 2.5D Interposer and 3DIC roadmap
Here is an interesting article from eda360insider website discussing about Qualcomm 2.5D Interposer and 3DIC roadmap presented during the 19th Electronic Design Process Symposium in Monterey.
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Ultimate 3DIC design.
Ultimate 3DIC design.

“3D IC test wafers will run this year and high-volume 3D IC manufacturing will start in 2013,” concluded Riko Radojcic at the end of his EDPS keynote on 3D ICs held in Monterey, California last Friday. Radojcic is Qualcomm’s Director of Engineering, so he just might know something about the state of 3D IC assembly although he’s not necessarily referring to Qualcomm in the above statement. His concluding remarks came at the end of an hour’s worth of hard-earned 3D IC assembly and design insights that Radojcic has assembled at Qualcomm. I’ve started at the end of his talk, so let me present his roadmap.

Full text here.


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