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May 7th, 2013
Focus on Sapphire and Imaging in Taipei
Sapphire & Imaging Seminar powered by Yole Développement on June 19 in Taipei.
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Yole Développement organises a Seminar in Taiwan, concurrently held with Photonics Festival 2013. Dedicated to Sapphire and Imaging areas, the seminar is made up of Yole Développement presentations on the related markets area. See below the detailed agenda:

3:40 PM: Seminar and imaging presentation introduction
Mei-Ling Tsai, Business Development Manager, Yole Développement Greater China Office

3:45 PM – 4:10 PM: Imaging – The camera module business for mobile phones and tablets:  who will win the game?
Paul Danini, Technology and Market Analyst, Imaging Technologies & MEMS Devices, Yole Développement

Although the imaging industry is diversifying, mobile phones are still the industry’s key profit generator, accounting for more than 60% of total image sensor shipments. However, that hegemony is faltering due to the swift emergence of tablets, which will drive the overall image sensor market with an expected CAGR of over 30%. Both of these very high-revenue product lines will be the major drivers of innovation and leadership in the coming years, and will attract the attention of a multitude of players along the camera module value chain.
As volume grows, competition increases dramatically, meaning technological and manufacturing innovations will more than ever represent the key to success. In this context, high-potential technologies may quickly reshape the imaging industry -- namely 3D Time-of-Flight imaging, computational imaging, quantum dot film, single photon counting, stacked sensor architecture and MEMs autofocus. All of these technological innovations, and their associated strategic investments, will impact market share distribution as the market continues to grow.
We already see a clear duality between companies that have adopted a growth strategy focused on low-end markets and companies opting for specialization in high-end/high-margin markets. What happens next? In this discussion, we’ll analyze the most recent announcements and present the popular trends expected to provide a key competitive advantage to those companies seeking to lead the camera module industry.

4:20 PM: Sapphire presentation introduction

4:25 PM – 4:45 PM: Sapphire – Sapphire covers for mobile displays: just a buzz or a revolution for the industry?
Eric Virey, Senior Analyst, LED, Yole Développement

Despite mounting pressures from Silicon and GaN, Sapphire has so far remained the substrate of choice for the manufacturing of high brightness LEDs. Excited by the fast growth of Solid State Lighting, many new entrants have rushed into the opportunity and built up excessive amount of capacity. Now, most are in a dire straight, with idled capacity and struggling to enter the LED or Silicon On Sapphire supply chain and maintaining margins afloat in a depressed pricing environment.
But sapphire is used in many other applications ranging from medical, industrial, semiconductor, defense and aerospace. More recently, after anecdotal presence in luxury cell phones and a first high volume design win as a camera lens cover in the first iPhone 5, possible adoption of sapphire for display cover has triggered a lot of attention. This application could be a paradigm change for the sapphire industry and require more than 5x the currently installed worldwide capacity. In this talk, we will look at the status of sapphire adoption in mobile applications. Separate the hype from the reality and analyze the key incentives and barriers for adoption as well as the potential impact on the supply chain.

4:45 PM: Networking

4:50 PM: End of the seminar

For more information, please contact Mei-Ling Tsai (meiling.tsai@yole.com.tw) or Camille Favre (favre@yole.fr).





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