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Apr 16th, 2013
Forum on Power Semiconductors and Silicon Wafer Technology Development Trends held by Wafer Works Corp.
Wafer Works Corp. (6182TT),which has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of power semi-conductors and silicon wafers, held the Forum on Power Semiconductors and Silicon Wafer Technology Development Trends in Hall 51, Chung Hsing Campus of the Industrial Technology Research Institute on March 7.
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Renowned power semi-conductor manufacturers and scholars based locally and overseas were invited to share the business opportunities in the market, component technology development trends, as well as the latest application fields. Moreover, during the forum, the communication line was kept open for the customers, discussing the advanced techniques and product development blueprint of wafer technology, to further strengthen the competitiveness of the downstream supply chain and create a win-win situation for everyone.

The features and application methods of power semi-conductors directly affect the performance, price and reliability of the electronic system. The efficiency of its energy conversion device is also one of the major factors contributing to energy conservation. As a result, under the global environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction trends, the importance of power semi-conductor components gradually became apparent. Currently, the development of power semi-conductors is geared towards high frequency, low power consumption, high efficiency capacity, intelligence and systematization. For example, the inverter air conditioner adopting an inverter to adjust the speed saves 50%-70% of the energy. Furthermore, the key power semi-conductor in the inverter- IGBT, could adopt the dual-layer epitaxy wafer manufactured by Wafer Works Corp.

In addition, the consumers are expecting mobile phones to develop towards becoming smart, multi-functional phones with large screen displays and longer usage time. However, before the great advancement of battery technology, these demands could only be satisfied with the aid of two components in the power wafer industry, namely, high-efficient Power Management IC and power MOSFET with low on-resistance. The Power Management IC could use the P-type polished wafer or epitaxy wafer, while the power MOSFET with low on-resistance could use the N-type heavily arsenic-doped or Phosphorus-doped ultra-low resistance polished wafer or epitaxy wafer.

Wafer Works Corp. entered the Chinese market since the 1990s. So far it has become the only semi-conductor material supplier in China which is capable of manufacturing 4-8 inch heavily-doped wafer with ultra-low resistance using its own technology. Its affiliated company in Shanghai is even ranked as the largest manufacturer of semi-conductor epitaxy wafers in Greater China. Lately, it has increased the production quantities of uniwafer and other advanced epitaxy wafer reaction furnaces, so as to get ready to satisfy the customized demands and applications of high-precision and high-quality epitaxy wafer of international customers (such as 4G LTE mobile phone).   

At present, there are only a few enterprises in the world that is capable of supplying 8 inch heavily-doped wafers with (super) low resistance. Wafer Longtan Plant invested nearly NTD 4 billion which has been put into use since October, 2011, with the production rate at 100,000 pieces of 8-inch wafers per month. Moreover, it could adjust the productivity expansion plan based on consumer demands, with a maximum monthly productivity of 300,000 pieces. With the gradually finished authentication of the current customers and rapidly increasing authentication of new customers, the Longtan Plant has started to gain operating profits. In the 2nd quarter of 2012, the total gross profit exceeded NTD 46 million, which increased to NTD 164 million in the 3rd quarter. The accumulated gross profits in the first three quarters reached NTD 158 million. With the booming semi-conductor industry, it announced that the total turnover in January of this year (2013) reached NTD 333 million, with a monthly growth rate of 7.77%. Compared with the NTD 275 million of the same period last year, the annual growth rate is even as high as 20.8%. Growth for the whole year is therefore to be expected.

Spokesman of Wafer Works Corp.: Su Kunhui, Assistant to the General Manager
Tel: +886-3-4815001 EXT. 8839
E-mail: Williamsu@waferworks.com

Deputy Spokesman: Xu Yucheng, Assistant to the General Manager
Tel: +886-3-4815001 EXT. 8859
E-mail: Charliehsu@waferworks.com


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