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Jul 22nd, 2013
Fourth-Generation Super-Junction MOSFETs launched by Toshiba
Toshiba Corporation has launched the 4th generation of its super junction MOSFETs, the DTMOS IV series of 650V devices.
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The TK14A65W has been launched as the initial product in the series. Using the latest single epitaxial process, the series reduces the Ron-- A (on resistance per area) by approximately 50% compared to existing 650V DTMOS II series. This allows a line-up of small packages, contributing improved power efficiency and downsizing of products into which they are integrated.

Applications for the new generation of MOSFETs are expected to include switching power supplies, LED lighting, small adaptors, and photovoltaic inverters.

Rated for 13.7A at 650V, these MOSFETs feature a typical on resistance of 220 milliohms, with a maximum of 250 milliohms. The input capacitance (Ciss) is 1300 pF, typical, and the gate threshold voltage ranges from a minimum of 2.5V to a maximum of 3.5V. The total gate charge (Qg) is rated at 35 nC and the typical switching time (ton) is 60 nsec. The TK14A65W comes in a TO220SIS package and production is scheduled to start in August, 2013.


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