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Mar 24th, 2014
GE Healthcare Life Sciences and NetBio commence first comprehensive independent validation of a fully integrated Rapid DNA system
GE Healthcare Life Sciences, (NYSE: GE), and NetBio announced that an extensive developmental validation of DNAscan™ Rapid DNA Analysis™ System has commenced.
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The studies will evaluate the overall system from swab-in to profile-out, including the instrument, NetBio BioChipSet™ Cassette, STR chemistry, and data interpretation by the on-board Expert System Software. The software enables fully automated data analysis which will be critical to Rapid DNA Analysis realizing its full potential outside the laboratory. This approach to validation will pave the way for future uptake of Rapid DNA by crime laboratories and police stations globally.

Mike Benevento, General Manager, Human Identification, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, said: "Rapid DNA analysis will significantly increase the speed with which DNA supports the investigation of crimes and is predicted to substantially reduce violent and property crime over time. Together with NetBio, we are committed to the responsible adoption of DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System which is essential to successfully realizing this potential, not just in the United States, but globally. We are working closely with the FBI, SWGDAM (Scientific Working Group for DNA Analysis Methods), and others in the forensic and law enforcement communities to take a considered, step-wise approach to the introduction of the DNAscan System."

Developmental validation of the system comprises an extensive series of tests to verify that results generated (STR profiles) are reliable and reproducible. A working group which includes five accredited forensic laboratories is independently generating and analyzing data from the DNAscan System. This verification process, which includes meeting an extensive set of FBI Quality Assurance Standards, is expected by the forensic science community for any new scientific technology being introduced into the criminal justice system. Following analysis, the results will be used to seek National DNA Index System (NDIS) approval which will allow forensic laboratories to submit the STR profiles generated by the DNAscan System to the U.S. national DNA database (CODIS). NDIS approval is also a critical step toward the ultimate goal of obtaining approval for use in the police station1.

About the DNAscan System DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System is a fast, rugged, and easy-to-use rapid DNA analysis system developed to enable law enforcement agencies to process DNA samples in under 90 minutes, thereby helping to accelerate the criminal investigation process. In August 2013, an article by NetBio describing the technical basis of the system was published in a peer-reviewed journal2, demonstrating an important milestone toward the DNAscan System's acceptance by the forensic community. For more information visit www.gelifesciences.com/DNAscan

About NetBio Founded based on pioneering microfluidic research performed at MIT's Whitehead Institute, NetBio was incorporated in 2000 in Greater Boston and has received significant support from both government agencies and industry. NetBio has developed a series of enabling microfluidic and molecular biology technologies applicable to both forensics and clinical diagnostics. These enabling technologies include sample preparation and DNA purification, rapid thermal cycling, highly multiplexed amplification, focused DNA sequencing, optical detection of DNA sequences, and nucleic acid separation and detection. NetBio's focus is the development of fully automated and integrated products for use by non-technical operators outside the laboratory. The Company's innovative technologies are critical to address the enormous unmet needs of the rapidly emerging Rapid DNA Analysis markets, and NetBio is commercializing its field forward ANDE Rapid DNA products for military and homeland security applications around the world. For more information about NetBio, visit the website at www.netbio.com.

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