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Apr 12th, 2012
Georgia Tech proposes industry consortium on Advanced Packaging technologies and heterogeneous 3D integration
For ultra-miniaturized 3D heterogeneous, RF, digital and power modules in partnership with Global companies.
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Georgia Tech Packaging Research Center (GT-PRC), through an industry consortium of about ~15 semiconductor, package and supply-chain companies from thd US, Europe and Asia, has been pioneering ultra-miniaturized electronics by Embedded MEMS, Actives and Passives (EMAP) Technology with chip-last (CL) interconnections but with chip-first benefits to demonstrate ultra-miniaturized modules with digital, RF, analog, MEMS and sensor functions. GT-PRC has demonstrated groundbreaking technologies that include ultra-thin organic substrates, fine-pitch Cu-to-Cu interconnections, low temperature bonding with high assembly throughput and prototype functional module demonstration of digital Si and RF GaAs die embedding.

GT-PRC proposes the next consortium, building upon the above advances, 3D ThinPack with a focus on:
1. 3D package stacking beyond conventional PoP leading to ultra-thin stacked modules
2. Ultra-fine pitch and low profile package-to-package interconnections
3. Novel thermal solutions for embedded thin die eliminating TIM
4. 15µm pitch die-to-package Cu-Cu I/Os with high current carrying capability
5. Ultra-slim substrates with low warpage
6. Embedded thin IPDs

The primary objective of the proposed 3D ThinPack consortium is to achieve ultra-miniaturized heterogeneous sub-systems by 3D integration of multiple ultra-slim packages with embedded thin active or passive components. The two-year goal is to demonstrate a four-package stack within ~1mm thickness by advancing the above five technologies shown in Fig 1.

Proposed technologies for ultra-miniaturized 3D stacked modules

The proposed 3D ThinPack research addresses the need for highly-miniaturized and highly-functional heterogeneous modules with particular focus on:
1. High-yield, low-cost, chip-last embedding with FR4-compatible manufacturing-processes
2. Interconnections and assembly processes compatible with existing infrastructure

Companies interested in this new consortium are encouraged to contact Mr. Nitesh Kumbhat at nitesh.kumbhat@prc.gatech.edu, 404 385-0730 or Prof. Rao Tummala at rao.tummala@prc.gatech.edu, 404 894-9097.


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