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Mar 28th, 2014
Get involved in new Euripides² proposals and discover business opportunities
I-Micronews proudly presents Euripides² webcast, a live event taking place on April 8 at 1.00 PM CEST. EURIPIDES² offers you to discover 4 innovative projects presented by electronic companies. Each of them is looking for partners. Take the time to attend this unique event and learn more about these business opportunities. “The electronic industry today employs about 2.5 million people in Europe and EURIPIDES² could contribute to provide 700 000 new jobs by 2020”, says Remy Renaudin, EURIPIDES² Operations Manager. EURIPIDES² launches two calls per year, in a two-step approach, in order to maximize the chances for success and avoid unnecessary time consuming efforts in setting up projects. At both stages, the EURIPIDES² Office checks whether public funding would be available for partners through the Public authorities’ network.
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At each step, two EURIPIDES² experts selected by the Technical Committee assesses the proposal against 34 criteria and their conclusion is delivered in full transparency to the consortium.
•    Step 1: the Project Outline (PO) provides a short overview of the concept, the objectives of the project and the partnership even if they are not entirely settled.
•    Step 2: The second step is dedicated to projects that have been accepted at PO level, to submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP). The FPP is used for the evaluation and labelling of new projects and it is also the basis for the reporting and monitoring procedure.

EURIPIDES² webcast program

•    Project #1 : Green Compass
Speaker : Yan Lenoir, Engineer, Sagem
Description: Reduce vessel consumption and CO2 emission by better control of drift performance: attitudes function shall be developed and the performance of the accelerometer has to be improved in order to reduce heading and attitude errors during vessels loop.
Which partners SAGEM is looking for? Innovative modelling and characterization methodologies for very high performance accelerometers based on Silicon MEMS technology.

•    Project #2 : Sleep companion
Speaker : Jérome Schonfeld, General Manager & Co-founder, FiveFive
Description: Development of a "Sleep Companion", able to analyze the bedroom environment through integrated sensors and the tiredness of the person, based both on known historical activity during daytime and real-time body tiredness and the sleep cycle to wake up its user at the right moment without the use of stressful alarms with light.
Which partners FiveFive is looking for? Sensors (breath analysis and muscular tiredness) - Touch less 3D gestural interaction - Behavioral analysis - Optics (Lens shifting, video projection)

•    Project #3 : Cheap flexible substrate
Speaker : Dr Romain Coppard, R&D Project Manager, CEA-LITEN Grenoble (Printed Electronic Devices Laboratory)
Description: Printed Devices on Flex: transistors, photodetectors, sensors, bio-sensors … For Prototyping and Synergy with PCB/Flex industry – manufacturers and end-users – for Innovative Applications.
Which partners CEA LITEN is looking for? Industrial and end users

•    Project #4 : Embedded Actives Components
Speaker : Nicolas MARIER, Hardware Innovation Manager, VALEO
Description: Electronic 3D integration- Application of embedded active components to increase PCB Density. Design of monitoring systems to protect the driver and road users, any potential danger.  Ex: Frontal cameras and other sensors target for obtaining 6 stars EuroNCAP.
Which partners VALEO is looking for? Thermal/ Mechanical/EMC Lab & Academics - Embedded PCB suppliers

A Q&A session will follow the presentations.
Advance registration is required: please click here.

Calls – Submit a proposal
(Source: EURIPIDES² website, March 2014)

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