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Mar 15th, 2012
Heliatek GmbH inaugurated its first production facility for the manufacture of flexible organic solar modules
Heliatek developed the world’s first manufacturing line producing organic solar panels in a roll-to-roll process using vacuum deposition at low temperatures – a process that holds excellent potential for significantly reducing costs in mass production.
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  • Organic solar modules are produced by Heliatek in a roll-to-roll process using vacuum deposition at low temperatures.
  • The company has invested €14 million in the construction of this first production line.

While other organic manufacturers rely on printing processes, Heliatek is the only company in the world that specializes in solar panel manufacture using vacuum deposition of small molecules (oligomers) on flexible film. The advantages lie in better process control, higher efficiency, and longer life span. 

Organic PV modules with different color and different level of tranaparency (Source Heliatek)

Current investors involved in Heliatek’s success are large industrial and financial companies, including BASF Venture Capital, Bosch, Innogy Venture Capital (RWE), and Wellington Partners. Thanks to these investors, Heliatek enjoys broad support throughout the entire value added chain ranging from chemical research and engineering and process design to securing distribution and capital in the energy and financial markets. Joint research and development activities facilitate the reciprocal exchange of experience and knowledge, from which all partners benefit.

Heliatek panels offer almost total freedom of design thanks to their diverse dimensions, colors, and transparencies. The ultra-thin and light-weight panels -weighing in at only 500 grams per square meter – can be integrated into the widest range of applications.


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