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Jan 22nd, 2014
Heliotrop CPV modules have passed successfully all tests required by CPV standard IEC 62108
Heliotrop 1024-sun CPV modules of third generation (G3) have passed successfully all tests required by CPV standard IEC 62108, equivalent to IEC 61215 traditional PV standard.
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Heliotrop CPV module.
Heliotrop CPV module.

These tests have been performed by TÜV Rheinland certification body: climate chamber tests (thermal cycling, humidity freeze cycling, damp heat), waterproof, insulation, hail, mechanical tests (snow load), along with a long-period outdoor reliability test. Additional tests requested by Heliotrop (IEC 62688d) demonstrated that G3 modules comply with European Union safety requirements, allowing CE marking. Heliotrop also announces it joined IEC as an active member, to contribute to standards evolutions and better serve its clients and the community.

About Heliotrop
Heliotrop is a French company developing a high concentration photovoltaic module (HCPV) manufacturing program. Through the use of lenses, sunlight is concentrated on small high efficiency solar cells (triple junction). This process nearly doubles the efficiency of PV systems and yields high savings in solar plant installation costs. The Heliotrop technology is based on a high level of solar concentration and a low cost manufacturing approach.  Heliotrop offers attractive returns for large power plants, ensured through a higher efficiency and lower installation cost compared to other solar technologies. Heliotrop is a member of France Solar Industry and Durapole cleantech cluster.

IEC certification represents a major milestone for the deployment of utility-scale 1024-sun power plants.


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