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Dec 9th, 2013
High-efficiency IXOLAR™ surface-mount modules for PV energy harvesting products
IXYS Corporation announced that its wholly owned UK subsidiary, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., introduced five new additions to its range of high efficiency IXOLAR™ solarMD Solar modules.
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These new additions, designed using monocrystalline silicon for increased efficiency and spectral range and with a maximum power output between 67mW and 540mW, are designed for use in applications such as battery chargers, wireless sensors, green electricity generation and power backup for UPS and complement the range of IXOLAR™ solar modules currently available.

"It is an expansion of the unique Solar Bits technology that we developed, to enable our customers to add PV energy harvesting to their products. By making the solar cells as surface mount standard devices, we offer a low cost, simple handling solution that can be readily used in standard product reflow soldering. Thus our customers can add solar energy harvesting features to their products," commented Dr. Nathan Zommer, CEO and Founder of IXYS Corporation.

As well as being used individually, these modules can be arranged in series or parallel combinations to increase their performance and suit a multitude of power requirements while retaining the overall 22% efficiency that characterizes the IXOLAR™ range.

"These new introductions add more options to the already comprehensive range of high efficiency solar cells available from IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., giving uncompromising output power from a small footprint when compared with traditional polycrystalline or amorphous solar products," states Nicholas Tarling, Product Engineer at IXYS UK Westcode Ltd.



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