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Dec 11th, 2013
New HyperCharger from Eaton capable of charging up EVs to one megawatt
Power management company Eaton announced that it has released the first HyperCharger capable of fast-charging Electric Vehicles (EVs) up to one MegaWatt (MW).
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Designed to charge the world’s largest fleets of electric buses, the on-route charger was recently installed in several cities, including Tallahassee, Fla., Worchester, Mass. and Stockton, Calif.

The HyperCharger is scalable from 200 KW to one MW. It has the highest energy density in its class. On a recent demonstration route, the HyperCharger recorded an average of eight charges and 240 miles per day utilizing 100 percent on–route charging.

Eaton has a long history of developing electrical and hybrid power systems for trucks and busses,” said Michael Dadian, product line manager, Electrical Transportation Infrastructure, Eaton. “Our new HyperCharger is the latest example Eaton’s leadership in building a charging infrastructure across North America and helping to set the stage for mass adoption of EVs.”

The new charger is designed to provide fleets of all sizes, including mass transit vehicles, with reliable and efficient off-board charging, making it more practical for governments and companies to meet the transportation needs of a changing world in a sustainable way.



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