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Feb 3rd, 2014
IDT MEMS oscillators selected by Samsung for ultra-HD TV
Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT®) (NASDAQ: IDTI), the Analog and Digital Company™ delivering essential mixed-signal semiconductor solutions, announced that its MEMS oscillators have been selected by Samsung for use in its ultra-high definition (UHD) TV.
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The low-jitter and high-reliability specifications of IDT’s MEMS oscillators met Samsung’s stringent program requirements to win the high-volume consumer socket.

IDT’s innovative MEMS oscillators utilize IDT’s patented piezoelectric MEMS (pMEMS™) resonator technology, which combines the strong electromechanical coupling of a piezoelectric material with the stability and low damping of single-crystal silicon to create a passive frequency source of unparalleled performance and reliability. With no activity dips, no zero-time failures, and excellent shock and vibration resistance, IDT MEMS oscillators offer 40 times better reliability than traditional quartz-based XO solutions. IDT’s timing solution enabled Samsung to achieve less than 0.5 picosecond jitter performance resulting in zero bit errors, while simultaneously reducing the bill-of-materials by eliminating the need for an external crystal.

We are pleased to have been selected by Samsung, a leading supplier of consumer products, for their next generation UHD TVs,” said Christian Kermarrec, vice president and general manager of the Timing and Synchronization Division at IDT. “MEMS oscillators are rapidly replacing legacy quartz-based oscillators for their performance, reliability, and lead-time benefits. With our standard semiconductor processes and high-volume plastic packaging, we can typically ship standard frequencies within 48 hours of order placement. This makes MEMS oscillators well-suited for fast-paced, high-volume consumer applications such as Samsung’s UHD TV.”

IDT offers an extensive portfolio of MEMS oscillators to meet the requirements of almost any application. Three main product families include: standard MEMS oscillators with sub-picosecond phase jitter for general purpose applications, enhanced MEMS oscillators with multiple outputs and frequencies on a single chip to simplify the bill of materials, and performance MEMS oscillators with ultra-low jitter and frequency margining capability for high-performance applications such as 10GbE. Learn more about IDT’s MEMS oscillators at www.idt.com/go/MEMS.

About IDT Clock and Timing Solutions
With a product portfolio 10 times greater and broader than any other, IDT is the world’s leader in silicon timing and is in a unique position to address the needs of virtually any application. With the industry’s largest market share, IDT is the only one-stop-shop for timing, offering products from full-featured system solutions to simple clock building-block devices. Factory-programmable options and clock solution customization capabilities address unique customer requirements, while the lowest jitter and lowest power features set IDT apart from the competition. Products are accompanied by a world-class support team driven by service and responsiveness goals. IDT has also expanded its portfolio to include frequency control products, such as the XpressO® oscillators from Fox Electronics and an innovative line of MEMS oscillators that are rapidly replacing legacy quartz-based oscillators. For more information about IDT’s leading portfolio of timing products, please visit www.idt.com/go/timing.

About IDT
Integrated Device Technology, Inc., the Analog and Digital Company™, develops system-level solutions that optimize its customers’ applications. IDT uses its market leadership in timing, serial switching and interfaces, and adds analog and system expertise to provide complete application-optimized, mixed-signal solutions for the communications, computing and consumer segments. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., IDT has design, manufacturing, sales facilities and distribution partners throughout the world. IDT stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Stock Market® under the symbol “IDTI.” Additional information about IDT is accessible at www.IDT.com. Follow IDT on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


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