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Feb 20th, 2013
IGBT developments face off against weak economy
Yole Développement’s Alexandre Avron and Brice Le Gouic explain how the industry has been hit by a slowdown even as it’s pushing towards lower voltages, float zone and larger diameter Czochralski wafers, a foundry model and packaging innovation.
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IGBT device and module producers look set for a rough ride as governments pull back on spending in areas like renewable energy and transportation. “We have recently heard feedback from IGBT manufacturers, packaging companies and passive component manufacturers, claiming that there has been a critical downturn in 2011 or maybe 2012 for IGBTs,” Yole Développement market analyst Brice Le Gouic told Power Dev’. That means these transistors’ongoing evolution will become even more important in determining their success in power electronics applications. Developments in IGBT packaging, wafers used in device manufacturing, and other production strategy changes continue – but can they put the industry back on its former rapid growth trajectory?

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