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Apr 16th, 2014
IXYS UK annouces new 6.5kV press-pack IGBT
IXYS UK announced the launch of a new 6.5kV press-pack IGBT.
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The new 6.5kV device is asymmetrical blocking with a fully rated anti-parallel diode included within the package. DC collector current rating is 258A with a repetitive peak current rating of over 500A. Permanent DC forward voltage rating for 100 FIT failure rate is 3.6kV.
The device is housed in a fully hermetic press-pack package with 66mm diameter copper electrodes and an overall package diameter of 100mm. The internal construction is based on the same high reliability construction as our well established 4.5kV product lines, but with a larger individual die size to optimise die active area and the overall efficiency of rating with-in the package. As with all IXYS UK’s press-pack IGBT products, the new device is inherently robust with phenomenal thermal cycling endurance and the advantage of predictable failure to short circuit, without package rupture.
For medium voltage applications these new higher voltage devices give the option to reduce the number of series devices in the phase leg switches, giving better economy for ancillary and mechanical components. IXYS UK has launched this new product in advance of much larger devices to give our potential customers an opportunity to trial the new technology with a device rated at 900A planned for introduction in May 2014 and larger devices towards the end of the year.
Part number for the new device is T0258HF65G. Typical applications include: medium voltage drives for industrial, marine & renewable energy infrastructure applications, including wind generation; Traction applications including light rail and auxiliary power supplies; as well as HVDC and infrastructure applications such as grid interconnects.



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