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Aug 2nd, 2013
Innovations all along the value chain will create new markets for sensor devices connected to the mobile phone
Mobile phones are not only driving the current demand for MEMS sensors, but also provide a platform that is driving development of a new generation of sensor technology for wearable devices that connect to these ever-present computers.
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Now that the smartphone provides a handy processing platform, others are developing innovative types of sensors as well that will enable a wide variety of new kinds of wearable devices and other connected products. These include integrated combo sensors for smarter activity tracking, flexible sensor packaging that conforms to the body, and low power gas sensors for newapplications. Wearable device makers are alsostarting to fi gure out what consumers actually want in these new markets.

Compact, low power combo sensors enable next generation wearable devices

The current generation of wearable devices has made big strides with sophisticated algorithms that derive an impressive range of information from an accelerometer. But the coming generation of connected devices will add more sensors to deliver smaller size, lower power and better recognition of different activities, often from combo sensor devices that include gyroscopes, accelerometers, pressure sensors, and magnetometers.
We have multiple customers already in production with 6- and 9-axis integrated combo sensors, and new products coming to consumers early next year,” says Ali Foughi, InvenSense VP of Marketing and Business Development. “To improve activity detection and overall calorie- count accuracy, most wearable sensor designs are using a combination of accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and pressure sensors.”

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